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Wellness Genetics

“In my first 30 days on the AGx Ideal Weight DNA program, I’ve lost 6 pounds and over 1 inch in my waist size. I love that I don’t have to take any pills – this is something I can do for the rest of my life!” Joe C. | McKinney, TX

“My AGx Nourish DNA report revealed that I have a below low average Vitamin D tendency, which was confirmed by bloodwork ordered through my primary care doctor. I know make sure to get at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight each day and take a Vitamin D supplement on rainy days and in the winter. I’ve also increased Vitamin D-rich foods into my diet.” Robert G. | New York, NY

“Being on a strict vegan diet, it was so important that I learned that I am at an increased sensitivity to low choline intake. I didn’t even know what choline was before my AGx Anti-Aging DNA test! Empowered by knowing this information, I am now vigilant in making sure I am including enough of the plant-based proteins and vegetables that are choline rich. Since adopting this dietary change my elevated liver enzymes have return to a normal range, and I am feeling better than I have in years.” Madeline L. | Westchester, NY

“Since I got my AGx Fitness DNA genetic program results I have so much more knowledge about how my body works out than I ever have before. I don’t find myself plateauing anymore and I am able to spend less time working out, whilst seeing better results!” Amy W. | Charlotte, NC

“I had already been exercising before I bought the AGx Ideal Weight DNA program, but I wasn’t achieving the body fat loss I wanted. After taking the AGx Ideal Weight DNA test and receiving my report, I modified my exercise program according to my genetic profile and I’ve lost 3% body fat in my first 30 days on the program.” Mary W. | Dallas, TX

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Clinical Genetics

“Genomic medicine is at the forefront of healthcare advances. It will be very beneficial for the future generations as we have the power now to better interpret family histories and prevent disease.” Anahid Nisanian, MD

“Clinical genetics is a great medical program to offer our patients. I have already used the services and identified several patients with clinically actionable genetic mutations and referred those patients to genetic counseling.” Anatoliy Vilnits, MD

“So far, I have used the PGx results to modify patient medications. For example, I recently modified cardiac medications based on PGx results for a patient with resistant hypertension on multiple blood pressure lowering agents.”diet.” Jessica Chichester, NP

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