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Advanced Genetic Solutions (AGS) is the expert in integrating molecular diagnostics and specialty laboratory services into physicians’ practices. We are committed to providing innovative and personalized health and wellness solutions to people who are ready to improve their lives. Our comprehensive genetic tests look at specific genetic markers that allow for better customization and more targeted results, and our ongoing support ensures our customers reach their goals.


It is our belief that given the recent advancements in the field of genetics, healthcare professionals have a responsibility to proactively prevent devastating hereditary diseases rather than waiting until it’s too late and reactively search for a cure.

By utilizing the latest technologies available healthcare providers can take the guess-work out of prescribing medicine and proactively prevent adverse drug reactions before they even begin, whilst improving the effectiveness of their patients’ medications. Physicians can now make safer, more informed decisions regarding their patients’ healthcare.

At Advanced Genetic Solutions we work hand-in-hand with our clients to assure laboratory and genetic testing services are utilized appropriately. We empower our partnered healthcare providers by providing them with the tools, services, and support needed to make precision medicine a reality for their patients.

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